Veterinary practice managers take on a lot of roles, so it’s no surprise that they can sometimes have a lot of personalities.

Here are 10 you might recognize, in Bitmoji form:

1. The Superhero

veterinary manager superhero

The superhero practice manager wants to handle the budget, payroll and inventory. Oh, and she’ll do the marketing. CSRs can’t get to the phone? She’ll answer it. The high school has a job shadow coming in? The superhero manager will take care of that. This manager skips lunch, stays late and – ultimately – goes a little insane and needs to be saved herself. If you spot her in action, offer to take a little off her plate.

2. The Drama Queen


What causes more problems than an off-brand flea and tick product? Oh – it’s the Drama Queen practice manager. She wants to hear each and every staff member’s problems… so she can pass them along to everyone else. Did you hear what Bethany had to say about the new vacation policy? Did you know Karen was 5 minutes late? Dr. Smith is totally hot for the new intern. The Drama Queen knows all of the issues, and creates more of a ruckus than a labrador in an e-collar. Got one of these? Discuss with ownership… quietly.

3. Pizza Guy

pizza practice manager

The pizza guy solves everything with pizza. Need to learn something? Here’s some pizza. Did a good job? Here’s some pizza. She likes to feed her team, and she’ll do it often. There is nothing wrong with this, unless you have a gluten or lactose issue. Just let her know, and she’ll get probably get you a special pizza. Thank this manager for keeping your local pizza spot in business.

4. The Ninja Warrior

ninja practice manager

This manager is the proud momma bear of vet med. The ninja warrior has her team’s back against those crazy clients and ridiculous reviews. She’s so sure of her team that she will never question them. You’re lucky to have one of these in your court, but sometimes the ninja warrior can be a little blind to hidden problems in her practice.

5. The Memo Writer

memo practice manager

IMPORTANT MEMO: This manager only likes to communicate with staff via a wide variety of written word messages. If there’s a new policy, she’ll text you about it. If there’s a new product, she’ll shoot you an email. She’s probably the one that left that post-it in the staff room about cleaning up after yourself. The Memo Writer wants to get information out, but sometimes she doesn’t really convey the why behind her message. This can lead to miscommunications. Try actually speaking to her if you are getting a weird vibe.

6. The Award Giver

practice manager trophy

The Award Giver wants you to know THAT YOU ROCK! She told you at the staff meeting. She made you employee of the month. She high-fived you for finishing your CE requirements, and then she gave you a sticker. And bought a cake. She spends a lot of time appreciating you and the whole veterinary team. Spoiler alert: Sometimes she feels a little bummed when you don’t notice that she notices. Give a little love back.

7. The Shrugger


You want to change your hours?¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your paycheck is messed up? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That coworker is impossible to get along with? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well, The Shrugger is a veterinary practice manager that just can’t be bothered with your complaints or concerns. She’s got way more important things to do… like meet with that sales rep for 3 hours. If you can’t convince ownership this one’s a problem, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Just kidding, you probably should start looking for a new job. (PS: Don’t expect her to bother giving you a referral).

8. The Micromanager


The Micromanager is possibly related to #1, The Superhero. She doesn’t think anyone else can possibly do the work she delegated out as well as her, so she is going to watch you, judge you and constantly check in on you. She’s more worried that you spent 0.5 seconds looking at your cell phone than the fact that you just sold a year’s worth of heartworm prevention to a pet owner. Big picture isn’t her thing. If you’re dealing with one of these, do your best to show your competency. After that, professionally request a little breathing room. She just wants stuff done right, so hopefully she’ll take the hint.

9. The Coddler


Oh nooooo – you’re late to work for the 2039840384th time because your sister’s brother’s father’s cousin’s cat went into labor at 3am? And then your car broke down? And you were abducted by aliens? No matter your excuse, The Coddler will take it. Her veterinary team – or at least some members of it –  can do no wrong. She definitely has favorites, and you think you’re lucky if you’re one of them. Realistically, she’s stunting your professional growth.

10. The Monarch


Why do these common vet techs and veterinarians DARE QUESTION the rulings of The Monarch? As practice manager, she is always right. Why do you have to come in every Saturday? BECAUSE SHE SAID SO! You want a raise? YOU ARE LUCKY TO EVEN BE IN HER PRESENCE! The Monarch isn’t open to reasoning or debate. Most likely, she has ownership on her side. It’s time for you to find a new veterinary kingdom to work in if she’s your ruler, I mean, manager.

The truth is…

I have been all of these practice managers, for better or worse. It’s hard to find your path as a leader. Which type of practice manager do you see yourself as? Share in the comments! (Or send me some Bitmojis on social media).

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