dog sitting with owner - cute dachshund puppy sitting between owOne of the great things about being a vet is hearing the unique stories that make each of our patients special. I love finding out how each pet became a member of the family, especially when that story inspired a fun and unique name. On my Facebook page I asked people “Do you have a pet that came to you in an unusual way?” Here are some of my favorite responses.


1) A client found a kitten in a garbage can and brought her to us. Her name is now Fig, which stands for “Found in garbage”. Kristina K.


2) Junkmail the cat was found in an old abandoned mailbox.  May A.



3) I met a ginger cat named Nacho, which I assumed was because of his color. Instead, his name was chosen because he was rescued from someone who was mistreating him, and the rescuer said to the first owner, “He is nacho cat anymore.”  Lisa C.


4) Dizzy got her name as a small kitten after jumping out of the wheel-well of a pickup truck that pulled up.    Stephanie B.


5)  I found a stray cat in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant named ‘Los Tres Amigos,’ Well, it was my birthday, I needed a friend, a blizzard was blowing in, Animal Control was on the way, and I don’t know what came over me, but I scooped up that cat without breaking stride and drove home with it. Many years later he is my ‘Amigo’ – Best birthday present ever.   Alice B.


6) My husband is a truck driver and found a tiny little kitten living in a mixing truck that hPortrait Of The Striped With White A Cat.adn’t been used in months! We took her home and her name is Mixer!  Carol M.N.


7) Juice got his name as a kitten when he came into our clinic years ago with his head stuck in a concentrated juice can.   Barbara H.


8) My blue point Siamese mix has cerebral hypoplasia, which causes her to stagger when she walks. Her name is Martini, which is short for “Dirty martini: shaken not stirred”.  Danielle B.


9) My husband is allergic to cats. He named our cat Allegra because he was going to have to start taking allegra, so he figured he might as well call her that.   Michele H.


10) My dog’s name is Scruffy Slayer Pisser McLipstick. We call him Slayer because my fiancé loves that band, scruffy because when his fur grows out he looks super disheveled, pisser because he pees on everything, and lipstick because when my mommy met him she said he’s got something hanging off his belly, and I told her it’s his lipstick. Alina E.W.


11) We had a kitten who got his head stuck in a muffler. We lubed him up, got him out, and a fellow staff member adopted him and named him Jiffy Lube. Jessica W.P.



12) My husband didn’t acknowledge our 25th anniversary (yes he knew it was that day, he didn’t forget…he just didn’t bother) so I got him a dog and named her Revenge. Brenda L.P.


13) When I was driving I saw what I thought was a small piece of trash under another car. When I realized that it was a kitten, I jumped out of my car and ran into the path of the other car so the driver would stop. I named the cat Squishy….because he almost was. Kim K.

Close-up portrait of a cat and dog, isolated on white background

14) We have a client that found his cat “Weber” in his Weber grill. Jodi W.


15)  I have a Rat Terrier that we named Oh Ratz because that’s what the other dogs were probably thinking when we brought him home! Mindy G.


16)  My German shepherd, Bo, found a very tiny kitten and brought it home. We tried to name him B.C., short for Bo’s Cat, but as he grew up he took over and the saying around the house became “What the hell you into now cat?” So Hellcat stuck.   Naomi L.W.


BONUS! This story didn’t inspire a name, but it is too cute not to share.


“I found my cat on Petfinder. Not really unusual, but sometimes I squeeze-hug her and whisper in her ear, “I ordered you on the Internet.” I think it makes her feel special. 🙂   Sara Blankenship R.



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