Behind many veterinary professionals, there is a significant other. Over on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram, we asked you to share your best advice for the (very patient) people who are willing to date or marry us.

Here’s 4 things everyone agreed that significant others SHOULD NOT ask their veterinarian, vet tech or vet assistant:

1.) When will you be home?


@bigdealjen: We seldom leave work at the scheduled time off.

@nicholleparkSometimes we don’t get to leave work when we are scheduled to be off. Emergencies happen

2.) How was your day? (Over dinner…)

@juliefretterWe like to talk about disgusting things at dinner…

@sabata0922If you don’t want to hear the gory details, don’t ask.

3.) What’s that smell?

@dottiemaggieWe are nose blind to so many smells that we might bring home with us unwittingly…

@lauren.adams516Showering during vet school finals is optional!

4.) Did you bring home ANOTHER patient?

@crystalrubyannaOur family will grow larger, and fluffier.. and faster than you think.

@octoberscorpionYou will have more pets than you ever imagined, and you WILL enjoy it.

Got another topic SO’s should avoid?

Leave it in the comments below, or follow the @DrAndyRoark Instagram for your chance to be featured.

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