Spaghetti and roundworms and heartworms – oh my! These are the 6 foods vet med has ruined for veterinary professionals, based on the responses you gave on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram.

Warning: Do not read this over lunch. Or… do. You’re probably the kind of person who can. Me? I’m going to go back to hiding in the hospital office.

1. Jellies and jams

@chasingthedvm: Jelly donuts 🙈 after spaying a large dog in heat. Good thing I don’t like them anyways!
@skiaeeh: Strawberry jam HGE

2. Rice –


@brookiebethRice…tapeworms 😝

@cortneyann10Rice…because maggots!

3. Gravy


@apetes12Gravy… You can’t stop yourself from seeing the pyometra gravy-train in your head

4. Noodles


@96caleb96Spaghetti right after a posterior vena cava heart worm surgery.

@elliepandjFettuccine Alfredo… I can’t help but think of adult tapeworms when I slurp the pasta between my lips 😖

5. Meat

@ezipperleMy mom used to make this amazing lamb and dumpling stew out of the neck bones and meat. After anatomy lab I can’t even look at it!

@waldenanimalhospitalChicken legs. Even cooked, I can name the anatomy.

6. Chocolate


@novileestRussell Stover chocolates. 22lb jrt vs a bag of Russell Stover fun sized chocolates. Vomiting induced. The smell…makes me gag even thinking about it. 😣

@westfalenponyChocolate pudding. One doctor always referred to it when expressing AGs

What foods have been ruined for you?

Does this appetizing list have you thinking of the foods ruined for you? Tell us what they are in the comments!

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