Photo series by: Alex Cearns @ houndstooth studio

This photo series in memory of Savannah and other wonderful pets who have battled cancer and left us.


The Story of Savannah

Savannah came to live with her family as a puppy. She was the most precious little thing and brought immeasurable joy to their lives.




In April 2014 Savannah started to limp and her owners thought she had just pulled a muscle at the park. When it didn’t improve, they got x-rays done and were devastated to find out she had bone cancer at 3 years old.





Fortunately, they found an amazing vet who was willing to trial a permanent prosthetic leg for Savannah. She had the operation in early May 2014.

After the procedure, Savannah bounced back remarkably. It was a long recovery process but she ran and swam just like she used to – she even dug holes with her new leg!


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Her family was so glad that Savannah was given the chance to have use of all four legs. She was a very happy girl and nothing held her back.



Sadly, 14 months after her procedure, Savannah lost her battle with cancer. The joy she shared with her family will never be forgotten. These photos are meant to remind us of her life, and encourage others who have pets affected by cancer to keep living well.



alex cearnsAlex Cearns is a professional pet and wildlife photographer. She is also a passionate animal advocate and philanthropist. To see more of Alex’s photography, visit the houndstooth studio site.


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