Just in time for the Holidays! Join Dr. Roark and special guest Margie Sherk for this special episode all about those easily forgotten holiday dangers that we (and cat owning clients) need to keep in mind.


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Two weeks before graduating from OVC in 1982, Margie Scherk packed all of her worldly belongings into her rusty, yellow Honda Civic named Jaundice and drove west to take her last two weeks of school at WCVM. Moving to a place she could see the mountains and ocean every day, she opened Cats Only Veterinary Clinic in 1982, at that time the second feline specific clinic in Canada. The first time they became available to sit, she sat and passed ABVP Feline boards in 1995. Since 2008 she has been teaching, writing and editing exclusively. This takes her around the world where, like a locum, she gets to see how other people practice, only in this case, under some very different circumstances and in different cultures. She is the North American editor of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, serves on a whole bunch of committees on national, international and feline projects. As a break, she loves to cook.

Editor: Dustin Bays
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