What do you do with the young dog who limps for a few days and then puts his leg back down and walks on it? What if there’s some joint laxity, but not a full tear? Do you just watch it? Supplements? Rehab? Find out this week!


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Dr. Dycus currently practices orthopedic surgery at VOSM; he obtained is veterinary degree from Mississippi State University, completed an internship at Auburn, and returned to Mississippi State for a combined surgical residency and Masters degree. In addition, he received his canine rehabilitation certification in 2015. His current focus is on total joint replacement, arthroscopy, and fracture repair along with working with our canine working dogs and canine athletes. Aside from clinical practice he is an associate editor for orthopedics for Veterinary Surgery, an orthopedic consultant for VIN, faculty for AOVET North American, is on the board of trustees for ACVS, and is a council member for the Association for Veterinary Orthopedics and Research (AVORE). He is involved with a number of research projects as well as the co-editor for the textbook Complication in Canine CCL repair due to be published in 2021. Dr. Dycus is frequency asked to lecture and teach labs not only within the United States but also Internationally.

Editor: Dustin Bays
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