If you’ve walked around the exhibit hall at almost any of the big veterinary conferences in the last five years, you’ve probably seen the magician who entertains at the booth for one of the big drug companies. I go to a lot of conferences, so I’ve seen this guy a number of times. And while I know I could probably Google how he does all his tricks, I prefer to watch and be delighted. He’s really good.


7 Steps To Fantastic AppointmentsMedicine is a bit like magic. Sometimes, it’s as much art as it is science. The scientific part — what steps and tools to use and when — is well documented and can be taught. We learn those steps in veterinary school and technician school. The art of using that knowledge to accomplish something meaningful, however, is another matter entirely. How do we get pet owners to understand and trust us so that we can actually practice the medicine that would help their pets? We’re left on our own to figure that part out.


This fact has always bothered me. That’s why I recently teamed up with my friend, the veterinary marketing expert, Dr. David Nicol, to create an online training course for anyone who communicates with pet owners in the exam room. It’s called 7 Steps to Fantastic Appointments, and here’s how it works:


The program consists of about a dozen short videos discussing the most common mistakes people make in the exam room and how to avoid them. It teaches you the seven steps your team can use to build trust and empower pet owners to make the treatment decisions that are right for their pets. The course includes notes, handouts, and discussion questions. It is approved for 1 hour of RACE and VHMA-CVPM CE credit (4 certificates included. Additional certificates available for $25 each).


The modules are a mixture of training and entertainment, presented in a fun, memorable way that keeps doctors and technicians focused and engaged. Here are two sample modules from the course:



Some clinics use the course as training for new staff members and veterinarians by having them take the course solo. Other practices watch as a team. My favorite approach has been for practices to watch one or two modules at the end of their regular staff meetings and then dive into the discussion questions together. That tactic gets everyone involved and fosters conversation that’s tailored to the team and their situation. The course does not expire; so you will have access to it indefinitely.


Dr. Nicol and I worked hard on this course, and the feedback we have gotten has been pretty incredible.


– Paula Daly & Courtney Lefevre, Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital, Danielson, CT


After managing veterinary clinics for the past decade I have learned a couple things. It’s hard to keep staff engaged while you’re attempting to train them, and when staff is not trained appropriately it means lost revenue in exam rooms and confused, sometimes unhappy, clients. Dr. Andy and Dr. Dave have put together a program that both entertains staff and teaches them some very valuable lessons that will lead to happier clients, better patient care, and more revenue. This program gave me a jumping off point for valuable discussions and lessons while keeping the staff laughing. This program is well worth the investment, and it will make a difference in your practice. 

– Jen Galvin, Hospital Administrator and Owner, Advanced Animal Care, Fort Mohave, AZ


If you’re ready to get the course and put it to use for yourself and your practice, get it here.


Thank you for caring so much about your veterinary clinic that you’re considering this course. I hope it will add a huge benefit to your practice!


– Andy