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When veterinarians market themselves, several factors influence their approach, including aspirations (what they hope to become or achieve), competencies (what they do well), standards (how they practice), and style (how they communicate with clients and team members). Strong marketing positions for veterinarians are distinctive, honest, accurate, and relevant to the audience being targeted.1

Because veterinary medicine is a service-oriented profession, veterinarians today must be marketers as well as practitioners.  Marketing your services, especially medical services, requires an understanding of 4 characteristics that involve all the service providers―veterinarians and team members. 2

1. Medicine is inseparable from the veterinary team:  Pet owners do not distinguish your clinical skills from your interpersonal skills, so you cannot separate your “medical activities” and “marketing activities,” or pass off all the public relations and marketing functions to others.

2. Veterinary medicine is intangible: You cannot show clients your services before they make their purchase; therefore, you must understand and articulate the value of your services clearly.

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