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What kind of day are you having right now? Maybe it’s one of those “I can hit any vein in the universe on the first try…with my eyes closed…while riding a lion” kinda days. Or maybe it’s an “Oh-em-gee I think I just broke my personal record for number of eye rolls performed in a single shift” kind of day. Either way, we think you need (and deserve) a five minute break.

Go sit outside in the sun, grab some food in the break room, or hide in your car in the parking lot – whatever works for you to just check out for a moment! Close your eyes and meditate on your current state. Are you feeling flushed, maybe kinda…feverish? Or maybe just a little jittery? Answer these seven questions, and we’ll diagnose your day. We’ll tell you which chronic veterinary medical condition best explains your current mood and why. The best part? If you don’t like your diagnosis, you can always come back again tomorrow for another go. If only our patients were so lucky…

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