When it comes to dealing with a flea problem on your pet, there isn’t really a quick fix. In this episode of Cone of Shame, Dr. Andy Roark explains why you’re likely in it for the long haul once you’ve seen fleas on your furry friend.

1.) If your pet has fleas, they’re are likely flea eggs in your house.

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, “Female fleas can produce 40 to 50 eggs per day. Under normal conditions, most adult fleas generally survive 2-3 months.” Yeah – I’ll leave you to do the (incredibly depressing) math…

2. Your pet has to be on a flea preventative for AT LEAST three months to break the cycle.

Doesn’t it sound easier to just stay on a vet-approved prevention year-round?

3. You must treat all of the pets in your household.

Yes – your son’s girlfriend’s mother’s cat that secretly lives in the basement counts.

4. You’re going to need to clean the house.


Flea eggs could be hiding just about anywhere, so try your best to get a fresh start.

Want more tips for getting rid of fleas?

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