For better or worse, we all love a good selfie. To celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, here are 9 types of selfies you’ll only “get” if you work in vet med.

1. The… crappy selfie.


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2. The team selfie.


A chicken themed birthday party for Dr. Stromberg #bpph #chickenpartyselfie #didyouknowthedoctorownschickens #drandyasks

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3. The x-ray vision selfie.


4. The relaxing selfie.


5. The stall selfie.


6.The disinterested cat selfie.


My diabetic hospital cat, Squishy face meemow, is not impressed with his BG today! #HeyDrAndy #vettechlife

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7. The scrubbed-in selfie.


It’s #equinesurgery time! ❤️😬🐴🐎🏇💉💊 

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8. The vet school selfie.


9. The conference selfie.


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