Dear reader,

I want to thank everyone who read my articles, watched my videos, came to my talks, or encouraged me in person or online. It was an incredible year, and I never would have had the chance to get my message out to so many pet owners and veterinary colleagues without your support. THANK YOU!!

Below you will find my most popular articles and videos released in 2013. I hope you will enjoy them, and that they might somehow help you or someone you know have an even better 2014.


Dr. Andy Roark



Top 3 for Pet Lovers –

3) Get Your Cat to the Vet [VIDEO]

I love when cats come to visit me at the veterinary clinic. Many of them, however, are not so excited about the rendezvous. In this ridiculously scientific video, you’ll find step-by-step advice on the best way to get your feline to the vet.


2) 10 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Relationships

Here are 10 lessons dogs have taught me about making marriage—or any kind of committed relationship—work.


1) How To Know When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

My very best advice for deciding when it’s time to put a beloved pet to sleep.



Top 3 for Veterinary Teams

3) 10 Veterinary Pages to ‘Like’ on Facebook

In no particular order, here are 10 of the top people, practices and nonprofits that currently impress me most, along with what makes them excel.


2) 4 Tips for Stress Management

From my ’12 Steps to Success’ Column in Veterinary Team Brief, my best tips for beat stress and feeling better about life.


1) Top 5 Ways Veterinary Technicians Fail Doctors

We all know vet technicians are the glue that holds our practices together. Still, they do let us veterinarians down from time to time. Here’s how.