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Guest author ANONYMOUS
Guest author ANONYMOUS


This is very difficult for me to say: I was fired.

I felt like had let myself down, and my friends and my family. Why me? What will other people think of me? Am I a good veterinary technician? Is this the career choice I want? I had many sleepless nights with a lot of crying. What was I going to do?

I was fired after working only a couple years at a practice. It was my first real job as a veterinary technician, and I was devastated after it happened. I was given statements on why they were firing me that I felt were both mean and untrue. I tried to talk to the owner of the practice, but they refused to hear my side of the story. The decision was final.

I sent dozens of resumes out and got very little response back in my surroundings area. The interviews I went to went terribly and would never be a good fit. I started to look statewide. That meant me having to uproot and look for a new place to live and selling my house. I was scared: What am I going to do financially? Am I going to be able to find a place to rent that will allow me to take a large dog?

I found a part-time job at a retail store to help make ends meet financially. They were very supportive of helping me find a veterinary technician job. I sent out more resumes daily to clinics I found online and clinics that were not advertising they were hiring. I went on more interviews that were not a good fit. I went on some where I felt I would be a great fit, but the positions were part-time and meant I would have to move to that area. I did not want to move for a part-time veterinary technician job with no promise of a full time job.

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After keeping at it, I finally got some interviews where I felt confident and thought I would be a great fit. I received a job offer- two, in fact. Now came the hard decision of picking one. I listed out my pros and cons and made my decision.

I started my new job a few weeks ago. My coworkers are fantastic. I feel I am trusted, which is something I never felt at my last practice.  The more I look back on my experience of being fired, I feel like it was a blessing.  I would not have gotten through it without the support of friends and family. Reading some of these articles produced by anonymous people have also helped.

Sometimes you really do need to go through something horrible in order to find something better waiting for you on the other side. I was fired, and it was a good thing.

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