Guest author ANONYMOUS
Guest author ANONYMOUS

It’s Friday night, and your dog is having an emergency. He got into your garbage, and you’re not sure what he ate. You’re panicking.

Or maybe it’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re thinking about that growth on your cat. Does it seem larger? Your vet says it will cost $1,000 to remove. That seems like a lot of money.

What do you do in either of these scenarios?

You text me.

Now, in theory this isn’t a problem. I like to help my friends. I have gone to the ER with my bestie and her blocked cat when my practice was closed, just to ensure everything went smoothly. When I get extra samples of flea, tick and heartworm products, I make it rain on my friends. I shower my squad in goodies, discounts and favors.

But here’s the thing: We are not friends… unless you need help with veterinary care.

Here’s our text history:

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I’m sorry that your cat is sick. I’m sorry that you don’t have the money right now. I’m sorry I can’t ask our vets to work just for you on a Sunday… for free.

However, friendships are about give and take. I don’t expect a lot from my friends, but it would be nice if you occasionally texted me for something besides veterinary advice. It’d be nice if you gave me a discount on my haircut, since I gave you a discount on your pup’s spay. It’d be great if you answered my email asking some basic web design questions, since I answered yours about fleas. It would be nice if I just felt respected, not used.

And since your pet can’t speak, let me say this: Pet ownership is about responsibility. Find a veterinarian that takes payment plans. Get pet insurance. Research pet health on reputable websites. Forward all of these veterinary questions to your veterinarian. Plan ahead.

Whatever you choose to do, just stop texting me every 3 years when you need free vet advice.

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