Top 3I have a confession to make. I generally don’t like books about veterinary medicine. It’s because most books even remotely related to the subject have at least one of two major flaws:


1) They simplify medicine to the point it bores those familiar with the field to tears


2) They are sappy. I don’t mind emotional stories, but too often these books head directly to the cheese section and wallow in Velveeta.


No. Thanks.


With that disclosure made, I’d like to share the three most fun and interesting veterinary-related books I’ve found this year. If you like the subject and want something to pass the time at the pool, these are my top recommendations.


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All Dogs Go To Kevin: Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn’t Learn In Veterinary School)

By: Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

All Dogs Go To Kevin CoverAll Dogs Go To Kevin does a fantastic job of capturing the joy and rewards of working with pets, without wallowing in cheese. That doesn’t mean you won’t blink back tears from time to time. It just means the stories are so compelling Dr. Vogelsang didn’t need any help to accomplish her goals.


The book presents medicine in a way that is not confusing, yet clearly shows all the shades of gray that make it fascinating. It’s fun, and I laughed out loud repeatedly (I was on a plane for about 100 pages. It was awkward).


Also, if you really want to know what it’s like to be a veterinarian, this is the best book I’ve seen since the works of James Harriott. From starting veterinary school to navigating a first job to becoming an experienced doctor, I’ve never seen a book that was so accurate, and so enjoyable. I’m going to recommend this to any future veterinarians or veterinary voyeurs I meet, as well as anyone who loves dogs and/or laughter.


*Review from an advanced copy. Release date: July 14, 2015*

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Lucky Dog: How Being A Veterinarian Saved My Life

By: Dr. Sarah Boston


Lucky Dog CoverDr. Boston is a veterinary surgical oncologist (cancer surgeon), so when she found a fast-growing lump in her neck, it wasn’t completely uncharted territory for her. What followed was a hilarious [really, she is a riot] journey through the human medical system. From ultrasounding her own neck with her husband’s portable ultrasound unit to treating canine and feline cancer patients after her own cancer diagnosis, Dr. Boston’s stories shift from funny to poignant and back.


Ultimately, Lucky Dog is a story about being both patient and doctor, advocate and caregiver, humorist and philosopher. It’s excellent.


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The E-Myth Veterinarian

By: Michael Gerber & Peter Weinstein


E-Myth CoverFor those leading veterinary practices or interested in growing their own careers in the field, this is the best veterinary business book of the year (and possibly of many years to come). The E-Myth is a classic book for small business owners, and this veterinary-specific edition makes its points with even greater clarity. Veterinary practice managers all over the world should be buying this for themselves and then buying extra copies to hide all over their practice owner’s desk, car, and home in hopes of making him or her read it as well.


If you’d like to learn more about the book or it’s veterinarian author, Dr. Peter Weinstein, you can check out this recent episode of the Veterinary Marketing Podcast. It’s 30 minutes that veterinary business enthusiasts will love.


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