This week, Dr. Andy Roark talks with veterinarian and financial coach Dr. Meredith Jones about the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and Veterinary Financial Summit she has co-founded. They discuss financial literacy in vet medicine and the most common and pressing questions veterinarians have on student debt.

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  • Studies are showing that student debt is affecting well-being.
  • Government is not investing in subsidized loans the same way they used to.
  • There are effectively two plans to pay off student debt.
  • Pay it off quickly (10 years or less)
  • Income driven repayment plan
  • Use debt-income ratio to determine which plan is going to work best for you.
  • Student loan consultants do exist and can help you.
  • There’s no one right way to do this.
  • Financial Success doesn’t look the same for everyone. 


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Dr. Meredith Jones is an emergency veterinarian who lives in the Richmond, VA area. She is a self-professed “money nerd” who has a passion for financial education. In 2016, she completed training to become a financial coach and founded the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group. She is a co-founder of Veterinary Financial Summit, a financial conference and online community for veterinary professionals.

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