In this Cone of Shame episode, Dr. Andy Roark has some unexpected and interesting facts about heartworm. From the incredibly long lifespan of a heartworm to the shocking array of animals that can be infected, these 5 tidbits of trivia will help you impress your friends.*

*Disclaimer: Your friends will only be impressed if they also work at a vet clinic. The rest of your squad wants to be able to eat their spaghetti without you telling them it looks like a parasite.

1. They live long lives.

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  • After heartworms are transmitted to dogs or cats by mosquitoes, it takes 6 months for those worms to become adults.
  • The test veterinarians use to test for heartworm only detects adult worms.

2. Cats can get heartworm.

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  • Felines are an atypical host for heartworm, meaning most won’t reach the adult stage in a cat.
  • Signs of heartworm in cats include: Stumbling, seizures, fainting, fluid accumulation in the abdomen & more.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about prevention, as there is no way to treat heartworm in cats.

3. Heartworms have other hosts.

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  • Heartworm isn’t just a concern for cats and dogs! Other animals, from ferrets to sea lions, can get heartworm.

4.It’s everywhere!

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5. Testing is important.

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