NEW WORKSHOP!! Clients get angry. Sometimes there are good reasons for it, and sometimes there are not. Regardless, you and your veterinary team are going to have to have to de-fuse these fury bombs when they come your way. Let’s make sure you all are ready for the challenge when it arrives!

Angry Client

In this 90-minute super-interactive training session, Dr. Andy Roark will walk participants through a six-step program for charming even the most upset pet owner. This training session is appropriate for CSRs, technicians, managers, veterinarians and anyone else in your practice who might have to deal with angry people.

Cost is $99 for the 90-minute workshop and will be held November 18th at 11:30 am ET | 8:30 am PT.

** This program is designed for single participants and relies on having functional video and audio capabilities. If you have five (5) or more people in your practice who will be attending, or if the live presentation time is inconvenient for you, please contact us at for further details.**