Yes, veterinarians need to check stool samples. No, pet owners do not always choose the most normal options for getting the sample to the clinic. Here are 10 of the weirdest containers veterinary professionals on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram have seen used to transport “presents.”

1. “Ziploc baggie…that the owner held in her TEETH as she juggled opening the door with dog, purse etc..” -@kimolrich


2. “Once had a fecal sample dropped off in a blue Tiffany’s jewelry box.” – @trishalish5713

3. “Inside an Easter egg in a basket all decorated for the holiday.” – @karmaeliz

4. “In an ice cream sundae cup, inside a DQ paper bag.” – @shell21371


 5. “How about a weeks worth in a large freezer bag. She just kept saving it, she wasn’t sure how much we needed ” – @bjcasselman

6. “I use that container as a salad dressing thing for my kids lunches so if I could get that back after that’d be great” – @corriemcd

7. “In a tootsie roll bank container… Yes those were not real tootsie rolls.” – @rubadubpugvt

8. “A Tiffany’s jewelry box ” – @nkkovacs


9. “An envelope. That was licked & sealed shut! ” – @morniebird

10. “At Christmas time, 2 separate samples in tiny gift bags with gift tags attached. ” – @cms9613

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