Taking your cat to the veterinary hospital can be a stressful battle, but regular vet care is so important for your pet. We asked our friends on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram to share their best tips for ensuring furry felines get the care they need.

1. Leave your cat’s carrier out.

@abbeyld90: For my baby I leave his carrier out with a blanket in it 24/7. It has become a safe place that he enjoys so when he goes in for the vet he does not get nearly as upset.

@kevlarknit: Socialize the cat to the crate as soon as you take it home, via Sophia Yin’s guidelines.

2. Try calming products.

@ashley.l.howe: (B)eing the owner of a fractious cat and dealing with these patients…Bring the carrier out at least the night before. Spray/wipe down with Feliway, and put the cat in 10-15 min later.

@carolwithay: Feed Composure treats and use Feliway wipes or spray in the carrier and on blankets.

3. Keep carriers covered and secure.

@ashley.l.howe: Cover the carrier with a blanket and secure the carrier in the seatbelt to reduce movement. Keep covered while at the vet and have a carrier that can easily come apart so that you can pick the cat up and not dump or pull them out!

@countrycatlady: I like to cover the crate with a light sheet to lessen the visual stimulation on the trip.

4. Consider a house call vet if car rides aren’t an option.

@dustyvet: House Call DVM. #bestjobever

@sabata0922: How about a mobile vet?

Do you have other tips?

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Danielle K. Lambert Archer headshotDanielle is a former veterinary practice manager and the founder of SnoutSchool.com, a website dedicated to teaching veterinary hospitals to use social media effectively. You can get her 5 favorite social media tools here, or follow her on social media to see excessive photos of her Brussels Griffon. She’s @DanielleSnout on Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter.