Here at, we want to help show off the behind-the-scenes of working in veterinary medicine. To do this, we’re asking veterinary professionals to hashtag their Instagram photos with #HeyDrAndy. Check out some of the heartwarming initial submissions below!

1. @jmitchellx

2. @drmarge_ontherun

3. @vagabondvettech

4. @pet.wellness

5. @plasminojen

6. @nightofthelivingbrooke_

7. @a_coble130

Love getting kitty kisses as a thank you. #heydrandy

A post shared by Ashley Coble (@a_coble130) on

8. @healingpawsdoc

Day of comfy senior kitty hugs #HeyDrAndy

A post shared by Tracy Sands (@healingpawsdoc) on

9. @lizsdvm

#nationalpuppyday #heydrandy #sweetcockerspaniel

A post shared by Liz Sufit (@lizsdvm) on

10. @kacyrenck

#HeyDrAndy #vetmed #weinerdogs #ivdd

A post shared by Kacy Renck (@kacyrenck) on

11. @indiantrailvet

Twinsies! #indiantrailvet #HeyDrAndy #doppleganger

A post shared by Indian Trail Animal Hospital (@indiantrailvet) on

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Show us what working in veterinary medicine looks like for you!

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