a spoof on business images but with dogs

Halloween is right around the corner, but if you haven’t quite finalized your costume choice, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered… at least when it comes to what costume your pet should wear. Your costume? Hey, how about going as a veterinarian?

And let’s take a moment for some Real Talk here. No matter what results you receive, always put your pet’s comfort and safety first. Walking your costumed pet around the block while everyone is out in costume might sound like a fun idea, but not if your furry friend is wearing something she doesn’t like or is frightened by the unusual appearances of trick-or-treaters. When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea keep your pet at home — costume-free and in a safe space, maybe even by your side. After all, you need somebody to keep you company while you watch Ghostbusters for the 48th time, right?.