Good communication skills are integral to successful veterinary appointments. Unfortunately, we all slip up and the say wrong thing sometimes. These veterinary professionals were willing to admit their mistakes on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram.

1. The most unnecessary introduction…

“I walk into the exam room with the owners [sic] dog and introduce myself as the doctor and introduce them to their own dog 😬.” -@hallendvm



2. No offense!

“Client: ‘Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. We’ve been married 30 years. My wife is an angel.’ Me: ‘Aww. Yeah, she must be.’ 😳” – @shrugaholic



3. I just met you, but…

“I was trying to explain the discomfort of UTIs when, off-handedly, I asked my *new client,*[sic]  ‘Have you ever had a UTI?’ I’ll never forget the look on her face.” -@glika93



Have you said something you shouldn’t have in the exam room?

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