It might seem easiest to run to the pet store when you need something for your furry friend, but that convenience can come with consequences. In this episode of Cone of Shame, Dr. Andy Roark discusses 5 potentially deadly dangers at the pet store.

1. Aspirin

Aspirin isn’t ideal for long-term use, plus it can be unsafe for pets that have liver or kidney issues. Additionally, it can interact with other medications. Never give it without consulting your veterinarian first.

2. Inappropriately-sized toys or bones

Check the recommended size/age on the package of any new toys to make the most informed decision possible.

3. Flea & tick medications

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are common ingredients in over-the-counter flea and tick medications. They are generally tolerated by dogs, but cats can be very sensitive to them. Both cats and dogs can get very sick if dosed incorrectly. Always check with your vet before using a new flea and tick prevention.

4. Bandage materials

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Have your veterinarian evaluate any wounds on your pet to ensure a bandage is the best solution.

5. Plastic bags

Pets – especially cats and small dogs – and plastic bags are a scary combination. Keep them out of their reach!

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