Mid section of young male veterinarian doctor carrying a rabbit

by Robin Dettman, DVM


Each day I come to work I think
I truly have been blessed
To work with dogs and cats and more
A joy I have confessed.
And though I love my job its true
to see God’s creatures well
There are those who touch my heart in ways
that hurts me I must tell…
The alley cat untouched by love
half starved in many ways
The abandoned pup left on the steps
no doubt sick for many days.
Who could forget the dear old man
whose life did seem to end
the day I put his dog to sleep
when its heart I could not mend.
Then there are those who cannot pay
for the pets they love despite
Still they ask for help from me
to make it all seem right.
I see it all in this my job
the flaws in many things-
After all I’m a D.V.M.
and these are tugs at my heart strings.




Dr.  Robin Dettman is a small animal veterinarian in El Paso, Tx in her 24th year of practice. She graduated from Texas A&M in 1992. For 23 of those 24 years Robin was an associate but her wonderful boss for her entire career committed suicide in 2014 (he suffered from bipolar depression) which completely changed her life. She is now one of three who own the practices he built, employing over 60 employees. Together they strive to carry on his legacy for he was a kind, gentle, caring, giving man.  Robin wrote this poem a few years ago after a particularly bad and heart wrenching week. It was a good outlet to express her feelings and she encourages others to consider writing things down, not necessarily in a poem form but perhaps in a journal to express themselves. Don’t hold it in! In her spare time Robin competes with her Australian shepherds and smooth coated collies in agility, conformation and obedience. She has 7 dogs and 4 cats