Tattoos allow people to carry a little piece of what matters to them around at all times. It’s no surprise that the @DrAndyRoark Instagram followers had some amazing veterinary and pet-related ink to show off!

1. A seriously creative tribute to being an RVT.


A photo posted by Vanessa (@racerx44) on


2. Like looking in a mirror…


A photo posted by Jessica Platt (@squishie89) on


3. A little bit of love.


A photo posted by Jacque H. (@jacque786) on


4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who’s that other cat?


A photo posted by Lexx (@lexiemarie0709) on


5. Don’t skip a beat.


A photo posted by Meg Trinko (@megzx13) on


6.For an Angel.


A photo posted by Tracie 🙂 (@tclaire518) on


7. Some serious art under those scrubs!


A photo posted by Rachel Wilde (@wilderachel) on


8. Because they leave their mark on us.


A photo posted by Rosie Villanueva (@rosieev91) on


Do you have a pet or vet tattoo?

Show it off in the comments below! Be sure to follow the @DrAndyRoark Instagram for your chance to be featured in a future blog.

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