Veterinary technician, vet nurse, CVT, RVT, LVT… No matter how your role is defined, it matters. To celebrate #VetTechWeek, we headed to the @DrAndyRoark Instagram to find out why YOU are proud to be a vet tech.

1. Because pets need a voice.

@nebacon: I am proud to be the voice for the animals who can’t tell us when they are in pain or in need of comfort and help! 💜

2. Because relationships matter.

@jannirocks: I’m proud to be a #vettech because I get to make sure my patients have the best medical care possible when they are with us. We have a fantastic team who makes sure each pet is treated as if they are their own.

3. Because everyone needs support.

@melanie.smith_21188: I’m proud to be there for animals and their “people pets” in their toughest times.

4. Because not everyone can do it.

@child.ofwolf: I’m proud to be a #cvt because it was a grueling 3 years of school, it’s tough to work 40+ hours a week, often without taking a break, and I know not everyone can do it.

5. Because the profession strengthens the human-animal bond.

@vegan216: I love being able to work with pet owners to help them better understand their pets, which in turn strengthens the human animal bond

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