Veterinary professionals go above and beyond to care for pets, especially those we want to keep a close eye on. We asked our veterinary friends on the @DrAndyRoark Instagram if they’ve ever carried a patient in their scrubs or found another creative way to keep a pet close by.

The result? A photographic reminder of how compassionate those who work in vet med really are. <3

1. @cortneysharee


2. @rjb0208


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3. @chelseafoglia


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4. @dmmoore_2013


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5. @chasingthedvm


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6. @ladyashleydi


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7. @marykate3s


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Have you gone above and beyond to keep a patient near you? Show us in the comments, and be sure to follow @DrAndyRoark on Instagram for a chance to be featured in a future #DrAndyAsks post!

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