I am a Registered Veterinary Technician. I work in emergency and critical care, working every day to care for people’s companion animals.


RVTs will relieve their patient’s pain, perform diagnostic tests, treat/cure their ailments, soothe and comfort them, provide fluffy beds and hand feed pets, administer and monitor anesthesia, and assist in their surgeries and recovery. RVTs have exhausted themselves fighting to save a life with CPR, and cried with owners when they’ve made the difficult decision to let their pet’s suffering end with euthanasia. We are constantly furthering our knowledge so we can provide the best care possible.


What might sound like news to some people is this: veterinary hospitals are businesses. An animal ER does not work the same way as a human ER. We are not obligated to see your pet, especially if you are being belligerent or confrontational. We are not required to treat your pet without payment. Payment is due at time of service, not tomorrow, Monday, or at the end of next week. Yes, there are many pet insurances available, but most simply reimburse you after the fact… meaning you still have to pay at time of service. I’m not saying these things to be mean but to make you aware of the reality of the situation.critical


If your pet needs life saving treatments or surgery do not try to place blame on the veterinary staff for your lack of planning for a potential emergency. Do not call us uncaring, say we are killing your pet, that we clearly only care about money and not animals, or anything of the sort. And especially, do not threaten me, my coworkers, my job, or my hospital.


We care more deeply about each and every patient in our care (yes, even the biting ones) than you could possibly imagine. I’m truly sorry that we see you when you are upset, scared, angry, or worried, but I want you to know that we are there to be patient advocates and will do everything within our power to make your beloved friend/companion better.

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About the Author

Nicole BrownNicole is an RVT who works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently in pursuit of specialty certification in emergency and critical care.