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Drake is an 8yo MN Labrador Retriever with an upper right 4th premolar slab fracture. I’m asking the amazing Dr. Donnell Hansen “How do YOU treat that?”

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Donnell Hansen, DVM DAVDC

Dr. Donnell Hansen is a board-certified veterinary dentist and oral surgeon from the Minnesota BluePearl Hospitals.

A Minnesota native, Donnell traveled through Iowa (Go Norse!), Oklahoma, and back to Minnesota again on her path toward veterinary dentistry. In 2009, Dr. Hansen joined forces with friends to form Moxie Center, which is now known as BluePearl Veterinary Partners. In 2010, she and her husband opened his family practice, Rice Creek Animal Hospital, in Lino Lakes, MN along with Bean’s Place Pet Wash. Recently, Donnell opened Four Legged Tooth Fairy, an online resource and interactive conference center aimed at helping the veterinary community enhance their patient health, practice health, and mental health through veterinary dentistry.

While managing a busy clinical caseload, Dr. Hansen also speaks nationally about the value (both from a patient care standpoint and practice health perspective) of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Dr. Hansen has a special interest in maxillofacial surgery but honestly, loves the whole gig.

To provide a little balance to life, Donnell enjoys time with her family, including her husband (a fellow veterinarian) and two children, out on Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes or working a jigsaw puzzle during the long Minnesota winters. Like any veterinary family, there are an amalgamation of pets at home but the beloved includes her pocket pittie, named Crickett and a beast of a labrador named Goose (or depending on the day, Goosifer). There may or may not be a bunch of bullhead eggs hatching on her kitchen counter as we speak.

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