Weekends are all about simple joys,

Like sitting down and reading books to my boys.

One day as I sat to read Goodnight Moon,

From my phone was a familiar tune. 

For this was not uncommon to occur.

Twas the ding of Facebook messenger.

       For I saw a messenger request was made,

From someone I hadn’t seen in a decade.

“Hey, girl! How’s it going? I need some advice!

It’s about my new Golden Doodle named Bryce.”

I responded reluctantly, “Sure. What’s the scoop?”

What followed was a blurry pic of her dog’s poop.

For she wanted me to ascertain

The cause of the illness.  I tried to explain,

That it was in the best interest of her pet,

To make an appointment with her regular vet.

“Thanks anyway, Jess.”

“You’re welcome, Ms. McComb.”

She said, “One more thing. Can I give something from home?”

Suddenly, I let out a very long sigh.

With a facepalm and a roll of my eye,

I reminded her to have her pup seen.

My toddler started screaming and spilled his ice cream.

“Well, Ms. McComb.  I really must go.”

As I poured a much-needed glass of Bordeaux.

“Good luck with your pup.  Hope she feels better soon.”

I then gave in and turned on a cartoon.

“Okay.  I’ll call your office next week”

And then my baby started to shriek.

I put down the phone and tried to clean up the mess

Caused by my children during this process

From then on, I vowed to decline

To be a 24/7 pet advice line

So if you send me a message, expect a delay

Until the very next business day.

Remember vets work hard and need to recoup.

And by the way, it’s Dr. Stroupe.

Dr. Jessica Stroupe (The Pet Poet)


Dr. Jessica Stroupe (The Pet Poet) is a practice owner and mixed animal veterinarian in rural Missouri. She is a wife and mother of two boys. A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri CVM, she has a passion for promoting healthy work environments and encouraging younger practitioners to pursue practice ownership. She also enjoys using humor and creativity to point out the absurdities and situations that many practitioners face daily, and her hope is to bring smiles and laughter to her veterinary colleagues. When she’s not working or managing her veterinary practice, she enjoys spending time with her family, running and lifting weights.  

To view more poetry, visit her on Facebook.