JUST a Vet Tech greeted you at the door with a smiling face, even though we’ve been running around for 11 hours straight. Your pet was assessed by JUST a Vet Tech and, when we noticed he wasn’t stable, JUST a Vet Tech carried your 70 plus pound dog to the back and screamed for a doctor.

Once the doctor assessed your pet, JUST a Vet Tech placed the IV catheter and started to bolus fluids. JUST a Vet Tech got a blood pressure on your pet today and administered medications because his blood pressure was low. JUST a Vet Tech drew blood and ensured it got run as quickly as possible. JUST a Vet Tech wrestled your dog to get x-rays today, with the help of an assistant.

When we found that your pet needed surgery, JUST a Vet Tech made certain he was stable throughout the procedure. When your pet left the surgery suite, JUST a Vet Tech sat with him to make sure he recovered with no problems.

JUST a Vet Tech got vitals on your pet every couple of hours today and reported all issues to the doctor on duty. JUST a Vet Tech noticed your pet was painful and asked the doctor to administer more pain medications. JUST a Vet Tech sat with your pet today and gave him love while you were at work. JUST a Vet Tech told your pet that he wasn’t there forever, only until he got better. JUST a Vet Tech promised your pet you’d be back for him.

Just a Vet Tech took your dog outside for a walk today. When we realized he was cramped up in that cage and his legs were stiff, JUST a Vet Tech walked your pet around the building at his pace to ensure he got proper exercise. Your pet got a lot of fluids today and couldn’t control his bladder. He’s still so weak. JUST a Vet Tech checked and changed his bedding so he didn’t have to lay in his urine. JUST a Vet Tech administered all your pets medications today.

Your pet was scared (this is a new place with new people), and he was fearfully trying to bite me. JUST a Vet Tech took the time and did everything possible to show him that we weren’t going to hurt him. He accidentally wiped his stool on me when he sat in my lap today. It happens after surgery. But, that’s okay, he didn’t mean it. JUST a Vet Tech cleaned him up nice for you.

I’m so sorry to tell you, your pet had a rough night last night. He took a turn for the worse. You’re letting your pet go today. JUST a Vet Tech understands how hurt you are, and brought you tissues. You were too upset to see your dog leave the world today. JUST a Vet Tech hugged and loved him as he crossed the bridge today. JUST a Vet Tech went home emotionally drained because all the hard work didn’t pay off today. JUST a Vet Tech will do it again tomorrow.

Remember this the next time you call someone JUST a Vet Tech. We are JUST an important part of your pet’s care. And we care about your pet.
JUST a Vet Tech

Britney Greene works full-time at a Pet Emergency Hospital in Maryland, and she absolutely enjoys her job. In her spare time, Britney has two children and is pursuing her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology.