When my friend, the gifted veterinary surgeon Dr. Jenn Wardlaw at Gateway Veterinary Surgery in St. Louis, told me she had just finished lecturing to veterinarians about joint supplements, I got really excited. Joint supplements are a huge deal for pets in pain and pets dealing with arthritis. This is partly because they can be a great benefit… and also because there’s a lot of garbage out there that doesn’t work and costs a ton.


I asked Dr. Wardlaw if I could interview her for an episode of the Cone to get the real story about joint supplements without any of the smoke and mirrors that often surround this topic. If you have pets with arthritis or hip displaysia, or pets that might have these conditions in the future, you need to check this episode out.


This Cone of Shame was one of the all-time most interesting to me as we made it, and I hope my patients and your pets will benefit.