Do you need to pill your dog, but he isn’t feeling it? Put your game face on: you’re going to need a Super Bowl winning strategy to overcome the 5 absurd things your dog is about to do when you try to get that tiny capsule into his furry body.

1. Serious side eye


Yup. Prepare yourself as your best friend goes from loyal companion to paranoid pooch. He sees the cheese and peanut butter you’ve got out on the counter, but he also heard that pill bottle shake. You are about to get some serious side eye.

2. The slow creep


As you’re putting layer upon layer of peanut butter on that pill, your pup is making an incredibly… stealthy… escape… from… the… kitchen. You’ll be too busy wondering if it’s weird to wrap a slice of turkey around that peanut butter-covered pill to notice.

3. Rejection: Part one


In a shocking turn of events, your dog doesn’t like the PB turkey combo you concocted. Weird.

4. Rejection: Part two


Let’s be honest: If your dog is difficult to pill, this is going to happen a few times. Get the paper towels out, and prepare to touch a drool-covered, half mushy capsule.

5. Full on ghost-mode


No matter whether or not you got your pooch to take that pill, expect to not see him for a while. Ghost-mode has been engaged.


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