This week, Dr. Andy Roark is joined by Dr. Michael Miller (aka the Harry Potter Vet) to discuss the “deathly hallows of vet med.” If you’re a Harry Potter fan (or just a lover of veterinary medicine), this conversation will brighten your day and make you think about what it means to be in our profession.

The 3 Deathly Hallows of Vet Medicine:

If you haven’t checked out the Harry Potter vet website, you need to get on it!

Michael W. Miller, DVM is a veterinarian and a part-owner of a small animal practice where he sees dogs, cats, and exotic pets. His website was created due to encouragement from colleagues to share his writing that merges his love of veterinary medicine and Harry Potter. Dr. Miller’s goal is to use his website to help myself and others discover the magic in veterinary medicine.