Dr. Roark’s reputation as a strong leader, excellent written and verbal communication, proven business savvy, active involvement in veterinary practice, and impressive network of connections within both private practice and the veterinary industry make him a valuable asset to almost any project. Dr. Roark has facilitated numerous strategic planning sessions for veterinary companies and non-profit organizations. He has also served as the Director of Project Development and Veterinary Practice Advisor at Educational Concepts LLC, publisher of Clinician’s Brief and Exceptional Veterinary Team magazine.

If you are seeking assistance in entering the veterinary market, developing a strategic plan for an organization or program, communicating clearly and persuasively to staff, clients, or the veterinary profession, and/or leading plans to implementation, then please contact us to discuss how Dr. Roark might be of assistance.


“Dr. Roark has the rare and invaluable ability to resonate with veterinarians and pet owners as well as understand and advance business marketing goals. And it’s all wrapped up in package of enthusiasm, intelligence, quick wit and compassion.”
– Janet McGrath, Owner, McGrath Strategic Consulting