I love cats. I love them as companions and as patients. Sure, sometimes they’re not so happy to see me in the clinic, but I work hard to help both cats and their humans relax.


One of the most difficult parts of keeping cats healthy is recognizing the signs that they are starting feel sick. Cats are naturally secretive, and this is especially true when it comes to illness. To make matters worse, sometimes cats skip the whole “hiding illness” thing, and just hide themselves.


The result is cats often come to the vet much later than they should and further along in the disease process than dogs with similar illnesses. This means our kitties are harder to treat, more expensive to treat, and the outcomes are often not as good as they should be.


So, let’s all keep a closer eye on our feline friends because, as we can see above, they aren’t always willing to come right out and tell us when they’re not feeling well. And if you’re not exactly sure what to look for when pets are sick or hurting, check out the most popular Cone of Shame episode ever, because it’s got 8 signs you don’t want to miss!



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