english bulldog puppy wearing red jersey laying on stuffed football
Fall means two things: pumpkin spice everything and football! (Okay, fine – also pretty leaves on trees… and tick season. Ugh.)

But let’s go back to football for a second. Have you ever thought about what role your pet might play on a football team? Sometimes it seems pretty obvious – I once had a dog who we actually called her Yuki “Percy Harvin” Seymour because she had moves nearly identical to the Gators’ wide receiver at that time. But if you have a gentle lap kitty or chatty budgie, it might not be an easy decision.

That’s why we created this fun (and fast!) quiz. Just answer five simple questions to find out how your pet might contribute to the team. And no, you don’t need to know the difference between a quarterback and a cornerback to participate. (Although you should know that they do both exist and they are different positions — trust me, I checked!)