This week on the Cone!!!

New JAVMA article about what technicians really care about in their jobs. Are you providing them? Are you wasting your time and resources doing things they don’t care about? Let’s get into this!

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David Liss has an incredibly rich and diverse background in the field of veterinary technology. A registered veterinary technician in California, David holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology and an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology. He also holds double board-certifications as a veterinary technician specialist in emergency/critical care and small animal internal medicine and has diverse background in emergency and critical care nursing in addition to being a certified veterinary practice manager (CVPM) and professional in human resources (PHR). He has been technician manager at two different twenty-four-hour referral/specialty facilities in the Los Angeles area, has contributed to numerous veterinary texts and was awarded the Veterinary Technician Educator of the Year award by Western Veterinary Conference. David also holds a Master’s inBiomedical Science. David currently is the director of operations for Amerivet in Los Angeles, runs his own consulting business: Veterinary Training and Consulting, Inc., and lectures worldwide.